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The beautiful appearance of cement tiles will improve with time, cleaning and use.  Below you will find some guidance for the care and maintenance of your tiles. 


  • Use a neutral cleaner (pH 7.0) for routine cleaning of concrete tiles. Follow product label directions for best results and never use any bleach or acidic cleaners as they will damage the tile.

  • Sweep or vacuum and mop floor regularly to remove dirt and loose soil. Use a damp mop and dry promptly for best results.

  • Place protective felt pads on legs of moveable furniture. 

  • Always wipe up any spills as soon as possible to reduce the risk of staining the tile. 


  • Depending on use, a periodic heavy cleaning may be necessary. Because cement tiles cannot be cleaned with an acid, we highly recommend a floor cleaning professional to perform any periodic care and maintenance.  


  • Use a scouring pad (Scotch Brite) or similar and clean with hot water.

  • Efflorescence is a common occurrence in cement tiles. Efflorescence contains hard water mineral deposits that are generally soluble salts from whiting the concrete substrate or the cement tile itself.  They will naturally rise to the surface of the tile and should be cleaned off regularly to avoid build up.  To inhibit reoccurrence, use a high quality sealer prior to installation, after grouting, and re-apply as suggested by manufacturer.